Soca artists to watch for 2017

Far too often we regard Soca as seasonal. When carnival is done we push back the Soca and replace it with reggae, hip hop and R&B mixes. Evolution is inevitable but we shouldn’t forget our music in the process. This blog series is to demystify the notion that our music, Soca music, is seasonal. In order for us to break barriers and have our genre recognized we as a community must understand Soca can be heard 365 days, there are no breaks, there are no limits.

Every week for 2017 we will introduce 2 names. Names that we feel you should look out for. Names of artiste who are making noise in Soca. Some people may be familiar with the names mentioned to others these names might seem strange. By the end of these blogs the hope is you the supporter of Soca is more knowledgeable of the artiste represented in each piece. From since the start of 2017 these individuals have climbed out of the shadows and have let Soca lovers know they are a force to be reckoned with.

  1. Nailah Blackman

She loves Soca but doesn’t want to be identified under just one genre her style of music is World music; a fusion of pop, Soca and Indie music. She released her first song on You Tube last year “Cigarettes” which has a heavy East Indian Arabic influence. “Cigarettes” caught the attention of Kees Dieffenthaller, (lead singer of Kes the band). With hard work and endless effort, the two produced a hot track called “Work Out.”

“Work out” is produced by Anson Pro, written by Xone, Nailah Blackman, Mical Teja Williams, Anson Soverall, Preedy and Kes. Not only is Nailah a talented musician, singer and songwriter but…….. Click here to read more


2.           Sekon Sta

In 2005 he was the youngest person to make it to the International Groovy Soca Monarch competition in Trinidad at the age of 15. One would identify Sekon Sta as not only a great singer and remarkable stage performer but also as an exceptional writer. In the past he’s written for artist like: Kerwin Dubois, Patrice Roberts, Nadia Batson, Lil Rick and 5 Star Akil. He also wrote King Bubba’s “Who drinking Rum.” His writing and passion for success has driven him to the top for 2017. 

Sekon sta permeates energy and it shows in his song “Kings and Queens.”  “Kings and Queens” produced by Mega Mick written by Sekon Sta and Preedy, has picked up and gained the hearts of many. The colorful video…..Click here to read more

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