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Sharlisa ‘Starlisa’ Peterson began her journey as a Caribbean Media Extraordinaire at the tender age of 15, when she served as guest host to GEE MONEY from Laser 101 FM in her hometown of Sint Maarten, Dutch West Indies. She would strongly hold her own as “SHORTY” not only the youngest by far (in a room of professional men from the island who were 35+), but, the only girl as well in his weekly program FRIDAY FRUCKUSS. Upon returning to the States, and completing her Advanced Regents Diploma, while holding down her household financially with three jobs, going into college she applied for an internship with TEMPO NETWORKS LLC (at the time who was the Caribbean ‘Daughter Station’ of MTV) as a programming/music video acquisition and production assistant to famed producer RON ELLIOT and worked on shows such as PULL UP SELECTA with Hot 97 and Massive B’s own JABBA. With major coaxing and encouragement from supervisors and co-interns, becoming in charge of the intern project called “CONNECT” which took viewers to the best places to eat and hang out and behind the scene with artists. She then cleverly changed the name to THE C.A.B an acronym for Caribbean American Buzz that serves as your ‘online automobile and TAXI CAB’ for the best that the CARIBBEAN ENTERTAINMENT scene has to offer in NYC. During the preparation of process of putting together the production of the promotional episodes, after interviews being held for position of host, she was nominated by her fellow co-workers to serve not only as production manager but PERSONALITY.


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