2016 PCD (Post Carnival Depression) Highlights



Post Carnival Depression
If you have symptoms of fete fatigue, loss of appetite due to lack of carnival vibes, you can’t take the cold or just don’t want to hear anything about your 9-5 you might be suffering from PCD, Post Carnival Depression. Dr. Drue, Dr. Teddyson John, Dr. Lyrikal, Dr. Preedy and Dr. Kerwin Dubois have the cure you need. A dose of sweet soca, fabulous drinks and phenomenal ambiance will take your stress away. PCD brought to you by Shorblu Promotions, LiveBytheHenny and Back 2 Basic Promotions is a fete that has gone on for over three years offering the best post carnival experience any true Soca lover could ask for. This year PCD returned to Stage 48. With a packed crowd, the audience followed instructions to whatever each doctor prescribed. Dr. Drue showed he was a true “Professional” singing hit after hit. If you closed your eyes long enough, you would feel as if you were back in Trinidad for Carnival. Dr. Teddyson John, admitted for his first operation at PCD he was nervous but all patients came through with full recovery. As Dr. Teddyson touched the stage and the beat dropped the room was in an uproar. The crowd began to sway taking two steps forward and two steps backwards singing “Allez Allez Allez.” Dr. Lyrikal brought on two nurses raising the crowd temperatures as his nurses began to “Dip and Roll” his Vincy nurse sought out medical maneuvers saving many lives that night. Dr. Preedy and Dr. Kerwin, conducted rounds singing melodies to swoon the hearts of many. PCD was a fabulous experience, leaving patience addicted to more. We thank Shorblu, LiveBytheHenny and Back 2 Basics for a wonderful show and great experience.
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2016 PCD (Post Carnival Depression) @ Stage48 in NYC presented by ShorBlu Entertainment, LiveByTheHenny and Back To Basic Entertainment. Videos by Julian, Media Correspondent: Vivaa @IamVivaa | https://www.facebook.com/VivaaEntertainment

Performances By Teddyson John, Preedy, Ricardo Drue, Lyrikal and Kerwin Du Bois.


2016 PCD (Post Carnival Depression) Highlights


Ricardo Drue – Professional LIVE Performance @ PCD 2016 (Post Carnival Depression)


Teddyson John – Allez LIVE Performance @ PCD 2016 (Post Carnival Depression) In NYC


Preedy – Away LIVE Performance @ PCD 2016 (Post Carnival Depression) in NYC