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Anita Panchouri (Natalie Perera), the dutiful Indian daughter of a deep in debt businessman (Kabir Bedi) is about to marry a wealthy Londoner (Staz Nair) when a chance encounter with a local singer, Lee de Leon (Soca music star Machel Montano in his film debut) sets things askew. In search of a muse, de Leon agrees to perform at the engagement party for both families. Unable to deny their mutual attraction, and with the excitement of Carnival approaching, Anita must now choose between the answer to her family’s financial prayers and the possibility of real love.


Serafini Pictures, Monk Pictures, Indiepelago Films

Director – Todd Kessler
Writer – Claire Ince
Actors – Machel Montano, Natalie Perera, Kabir Bedi, Valmike Rampersad, Staz Nair, Teneille Newallo, Rahul Nath, Chris Smith
Music by Machel Montano
Genre – Romance, Musical
Run Time – 1 hour 40 minutes

Ubersoca Cruise 2017 Review

Welcome to the Ubersoca Cruise

The Ubersoca Cruise is the next level of Soca entertainment. Embracing the energy and spectacle of Caribbean carnivals worldwide, we have created the ultimate interactive experience aboard the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship. We have the biggest names in Soca music on tap and a dedicated crew just waiting to create the cruise of a lifetime. All Videos By: @Julianspromos

Ubersoca Cruise 2018 booking info Coming Soon – WWW.UBERSOCACRUISE.COM

All Videos By: @Julianspromos

Ubersoca Cruise 2017 – All White Party Highlights w. Voice, Kes, Asa Bantan & More:

Ubersoca Cruise 2017 – Football Tournament Highlights W. Voice, Lyrikal, Kerwin, Shal Marshall..

Ubersoca Cruise 2017 – Rum & Water Pool Party Highlights:

Ubersoca Cruise 2017 – Majah Hype Comedy x Theatre Turn Up Pajama Party Highlights:


Ubersoca Cruise 2017 – UberJammy Jam Party Highlights:

Ubersoca Cruise 2017 J’ouvert – J’ouvert in Cozumel Mexico Highlights:

Ubersoca Cruise 2017 – Talking Soca Highlights w. Kes, Lyrikal, Skinny Fabulous & More:


5 Days/4Nights aboard the Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship, Miami to Jamaica Cruise
Event took place Wed November 16th to Sun November 20th 2017
Ubersoca Cruise 2018 booking info Coming Soon – WWW.UBERSOCACRUISE.COM
40+ Events & Activities / 7+ Concerts



What was Included?

Ubersoca Cruise rates included:

– Accommodations
– All meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, 24 hour room service
– Most beverages (water, tea, coffee, juice, milk)
– Government taxes and fees
– Entrance to ALL Ubersoca Cruise events on and off the ship (except Miami Pre-Cruise Warm Up Party and VIP Cocktail Party)
Ubersoca Cruise 2018 booking info coming soon – WWW.UBERSOCACRUISE.COM

Folklore Riddim (2018 Soca) – Presented by Julianspromos x Advokit Productions

Folklore Riddim (2018 Soca) – Presented by Julianspromos and Advokit Productions

“Let’s take your soul and ears on a journey laid down within the foundation of the Folklore Riddim.

Folklore is tradition. Folklore is culture. Folklore is we! Get your heart pumping with every beat of the drum reminding us that we’re rooted in soil rich of culture inspired by our ancestors. The Folklore Riddim expresses the cultural musical syncopation of the tales told by those before us and enlivens our bodies through unavoidable dance. Like some of our folklore characters, the music will cast an enchantment upon you, finding yourself compelled by its intoxicating grip. It will spread through your veins like wildfire. It is tantalizing, drawing you in, beat by beat. The offering that is the Folklore Riddim encompasses both deep cultural tales whilst satisfying our desire for musical growth and diversity.

Celebrate this musical incarnation that represents our culture, with Julian’s Promos and Advokit Productions as they present the Folklore Riddim, with offerings from Kes, Turner, Sekon Sta and Nadia Batson.”

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Nailah Blackman – 2017 Artist to watch

We all know Soca gives a great workout, whether dancing in the club or jumping up behind a truck. This young vision is no stranger to the music scene. However, 2017 has proven to be a stellar start for this 19 year old’s career. I’m referring to the beautiful Nailah Blackman, daughter of Abbi Blackman, granddaughter of the “father of Soca” “Ras Shorty I.” Clearly, music is in this young lady’s blood. Her family is her biggest influence in her life. They encouraged her to sing, write and play her own musical instruments, most notably the guitar. Nailah believes writing is her therapy.

She began singing at the budding age of 4. Two years later she entered her first Calypso competition. Although she started singing at an early age, it was at age 11 she became adamant about being a professional singer. What better way to ensure and mold her success but to be taught by one of the best? Nailah joined the family gospel band where she sang back up under her aunt Nehilet Blackman’s supervision. Her aunt realized she has another star on her hands, and gospel music was just one of many genres Nailah seemed to conquer, and there were other areas she had to tap into. At age 15 she left the family gospel band and went solo where she worked on demos with her uncle Issac Blackman. While in high school she was a dancer at the Shiv Shakir Dance Company.

She loves Soca but doesn’t want to be identified under just one genre her style of music is World music; a fusion of pop, Soca and Indie music. She released her first song on You Tube last year “Cigarettes” which has a heavy East Indian Arabic influence. “Cigarettes” caught the attention of Kees Dieffenthaller, (lead singer of Kes the band). With hard work and endless effort, the two produced a hot track called “Work Out.” “Work out” is produced by Anson Pro, written by Xone, Nailah Blackman, Mical Teja Williams, Anson Soverall, Preedy and Kes. Not only is Nailah a talented musician, singer and songwriter but Nailah designs her own clothes. Who knows maybe this fashionista will have a clothing line in a department store near you. Between her singing, dancing and sense of fashion her a style is truly a cynosure among many. I expect to see more from this young lady. Check out the hit tune “Work Out” on our YouTube page.

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Facebook Fan Page:

Written by Chandy
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Voice, Definitely Far From Finished

A sensational burst of inspiration emerged onto the soca scene for 2016. This inspiration is the very talented singer/songwriter Aaron “Voice” St. Louis of San Juan Trinidad and Tobago (not to be confused with Young Voice based in Brooklyn). For 2016, Voice gave us “Cheers to life”, where he won the 2016 Soca Monarch competition, making him the youngest monarch winner in Trinidad and Tobago. For 2017, he brings us another inspirational tune, “Far from Finished.”

“Cheers to life” (commonly known as winner) was the party anthem for 2016, a perfect segue for his latest tune.  “Far From Finished”, written by Voice, produced by Fisherman Project and mixed by Precision Productions, has a nice blend of chutney and groovy soca. The lyrics rope you in with the beat. In this song, Voice gives you a glimpse of his life after his 2016 Soca Monarch win. Voice is currently attending the University of West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago, where he’s studying Theatre. Some may remember his tracks, “The Master” (2014), “Skillful Bumper” (2014), Vision (Belefonte Riddim, 2014) and of course his 2016 hit, “Cheers to Life.”  Take a listen and feel the vibes, “Far From Finished” is truly an inspirational track. I’m definitely looking forward to other tracks Voice may have coming up for the 2017 carnival season.

This blog was written by Chandy Ablaze or follow me on IG @Chandy_Sweet and on Facebook and Twitter at Chandy Sweet.

Dymez – Doh Hold No Malice, A Fresh Name To Soca

“If I take a wine on de side doh argue fuss or no fight, doh hold no malice, ah don’t want we love life to die but tonight ah taking a wine.” Anyone who has ever been in a relationship during Carnival can definitely relate to the first two lines of this song. At some point the bass, the drums, the lyrics hit your head compelling the listener to take a wine. “Malice” is a big tune for Dymez for 2016. Here are a few things about this charismatic artist you may not know. The name Dymez came about for a few reasons. Dymez was constantly regarded as a “hustler” in school. He was always crafting a way to make money, (coins, dimes).  Dymez has been in the business making musical contributions since 2010. It was last year where he decided to venture into soca. The two songs he released last year were “Drinkers Anthem” and “Gal Ben Up.”  What makes him stand out from the rest is his writing capabilities and unique personality. For him music isn’t solely dependent on your style and delivery. Music also represents ones culture. “Dancehall is Jamaica’s culture so the masses rapidly link reggae to Jamaica. Regardless of how good you can deliver the songs ragga soca/soca are most associated with the culture of St. Vincent so choosing to focus on soca was very important”.  You can check for Dymez tracks on Julianspromos You Tube page. Also look out for is power soca track “Wuk Him Out” featuring Da Pixel. For bookings contact: Follow Dymez on social media @dymez784.


Article written by: Chandy Ablaze, email her at follow her on Facebook and Twitter @Chandy Sweet and on IG @Chandy_Sweet

Who is Chewalee and why should we care?

Left to right: Chewalee, Lestor “Mac” Iroha, Hypa 4000

There is a Yoruba proverb “what you give is what you get ten times over,” the artiste Chewalee is a living testimony of this. Chewalee is a relatively young artiste in the soca business (2 years) and has managed to capture the Ragga Soca Monarch crown for 2016 in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with his tune “Rumist”.  Chewalee can not only sing and write songs but he’s also a local pannist, he has been for over eight years. He’s a man in touch with his culture and tradition. Keeping the culture alive is something he’s passionate about. He loves Soca however, he saw it necessary to venture into Calypso, a genre he felt needed something “special” (after all that is what Chewalee means). Soca brings joy, but calypso gives an artiste the flexibility to tell a great story.  The 2016 Ragga Soca competition was a first for Chewalee. He entered into the competition as an underdog pulling position #8 (which in his opinion was great slot). If you were in the crowd that night (like I was) there was immense joy in the crowd, as soon as the beat dropped there was pandemonium in Victoria Park. The crowd began “What we drinking? RUM!” As he started to sing “When I step inside a fete, just give me a Sunset. Rum de best spirit nothing can compare to it.” The fire from the Baygon sprays ignited in droves. Everyone started to singing and jumping Victoria Park was in mass hysteria. If you were there you just had a feeling this was the song that was going to win. “Rumist” is produced by Lester Iroha and is just one of three big wins for 4th Dimension Productions.


The producer had an epic carnival season, closing Vincy Mas 2016 capturing the Soca Monarch/Road March win with Hypa4000 hit song “No Behavior.” Chewalee attributes a great amount of his success to his producer Lester Iroha for molding him and giving him the confidence to enter the competition. Chewalee currently has a reggae track called “Uncensored Wine” from the Summer Body Riddim from 4th Dimension Productions. Like any artiste, if given the opportunity he would love to work with other producers such as Red Boyz, Kubiyashi, and Fryktion Muzik. Staying relevant is something many artiste struggle with, especially in the Soca industry. In order for Chewalee to stay relevant, he believes it’s important to learn the business aspect of music. For him music consists of 90% business and 10% talent. In any business staying relevant is important, and having a mentor or someone you admire is one way of keeping up with the times. He admits he admires Skinny Fabulous for his talented contributions while staying true to Vincy culture and Problem Child for his impeccable writing skills.  It’s a dream for him to work as a singer, or songwriter with Skinny Fabulous, Kevin Lyttle and or Machel Montano.  A long-term goal he has is cultivating his legacy by having his music go international, making money and giving back to his community. Chewalee is a story about perseverance, determination, and humility. New to the industry yet he’s made a mark for himself in his country and diaspora. Chewalee is a true reminder of “what you give is what you get ten times over.” He is a talented young man one we should all look out for.   Check out more from Chewalee on Julianspromos TV on You Tube. Also, you can connect with Chewalee via social media @chewaleej.


  • Favorite dish– pizza or whatever mommy cooks.
  • A Pet Peeve– bad mindedness.
  • What inspires Chewalee– hearing and knowing great songs makes me wanna sing and make great music.
  • Something people wouldn’t know about Chewalee– “music gets me emotional there are songs and instrumentals that bring tears to my eyes and those aren’t necessarily love songs”

Notable Quote: “Music isn’t just a hobby, its hard work, and God given talent”


Written by Chandy Ablaze or follow me on IG @Chandy_Sweet and on Facebook and Twitter @ChandySweet.


2015 Miami Carnival Highlights

2015 Miami Carnival Highlights – Miami Broward One Carnival

2015 Miami Carnival Highlights w. Freaks Mas @ The Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition Center, 10901 Coral Way OCT. 11, 2015. Media Coverage By: Julian ( / @Julianspromos

2013 Miami Carnival Highlights:
2014 Miami Carnival Highlights:

Women On Mic:
VIVAA: @IAmVivaa
INTRIGUE: @IntrigueLane

Vivaa’s Costume Details:
Band: Freaks Mas
Section: Hummingbird (Individual)
Designer: Stronjeh Creations

Intrigue’s Costume Details:
Band: Freaks Mas
Section: Volcanic Eruption
Designer: Carnival Divas


2015 Miami Carnival Jouvert Highlights

2014 Miami Carnival Jouvert Highlights

2015 Miami Carnival Official J’ouvert Highlights @ Central Broward Regional Park Saturday Morning OCT. 10th On The Road w. GenX RedAntz Miami J’ouvert ( representing the BACHAC Section by YMogul.

Video Coverage By
On Camera Hosts:
Vivaa:… /


11 Sections, Unlimited All Inclusive Drinks, Water Truck, Paint Truck, Packages & Much More.


2015 NY West Indian Day Carnival Highlights

2015 NY West Indian Day Carnival Highlights

2015 New York Carnival Highlights w. Sesame Carnival 9/7/15. Media Coverage By Julian, Hosting By Vivaa­nt

Vivaa’s Costume Info:
Mas Band: Sesame Carnival
Section Name: Alarsh (Mid Line)
Designer: Stronjeh Creations @stronjehcreations @stronjeh
Designer Contact: (Mention Julianspromos)

Band Contact Info for Future Registration for 2016 Carnival:


2015 Boston Carnival Highlights

2015 Boston Carnival Highlights 8/29/15

2015 Boston Carnival Highlights in Dorchester, MA w. Camo Band by Evolution Ent.
Video Coverage By Julian @Julianspromos & Vivaa @IAmVivaa out of NYC ( Hosted By Vivaa.
Additional above aerial footage by Calvin Tucker out of Boston.

Vivaa’s 2015 Boston Carnval Costume Info:
Name: Sunken Treasure Queen
Designer: @designingdaryl out of Boston
Concept By: Vivaa & Daryl

2015 Boston Carnival Band: Camo Band
2015 Theme: Shipwrecked
Presented By: Evolution Entertainment

2015 Shine Hollywood Highlights

2015 Shine Hollywood Highlights – OHM Hollywood Blvd 6/28/15

6/28/15 Video By Julian @Julianspromos, Media Host: Vivaa @IAmVivaa ( | Shine Hollywood was powered by Back to Basics Entertainment, Regulaz Ent & Dj Stephen Music. Location: OHM Outdoor Rooftop 6801 Hollywood BLVD.

Music Was Provided By: DJ Stephen | Back To Basics | Lord Hype | Giselle D’ Wassi One | Eternal Vibes | Ryan Sayeed
Stars Passing Threw: Machel Montano | Alison Hinds | Nadia Batson | Lyrikal | Safaree & Many More.

Admission was: $20

One of the Most Prestigious and most Talked about events of the Last decade as Seen in New York, Toronto & Miami, and now came to Los Angeles for the First Time.


2015 Hollywood Carnival Highlights

2015 Hollywood Carnival Highlights – California 6/27/15

2015 Hollywood Carnival with Epic Mas Band. Coverage by Julian & Vivaa @Julianspromos & @IAmVivaa.…
Saturday June 27th 2015 Hollywood Boulevard (from Vermont St. to Highland Ave). Featuring Performances By Machel Montano, Alison Hinds, Angela Hunte, Lead Pipe & Saddis, Lyrikal. Music By Dr Jay & Back To Basics.

2015 Epic Mas Band Sections, Theme: Concrete Jungle (5):
EPIC x cANYAval Presents: #BULL designed by ANYA AYOUNG CHEE
Caesars Army Presents: #DOVE designed by JANGELIQUE
islandME & KDK Presents #LION designed by BY HUMZEE MOHAMMED
STOOSH Presents #PHOENIX designed by Sandra Hordatt
FANTASY CARNIVAL Presents #BUTTERFLY designed by Marie Collette

EPIC MAS was conceptualized in 2014 as a carnival section in the band Extacy Mas for Hollywood Carnival 2014.
This band is hosted by Machel Montano, a widely-recognised ambassador for Caribbean culture and an international award-winning soca artiste. Mr. Montano believes that “it is imperative that we continue to promote the culture and creativity of our Caribbean people; a local presence in the LACF gives a place to showcase Caribbean art, craft, music and cuisine throughout the festival.

2015 Costume Package:
All-access ID band for the Parade Day and entry in to the Los Angeles Carnival Village
Gift-box loaded with parade essentials
The EPIC truck with top DJs and guest artistes
Non-alcoholic drink service on the road
Portable bathroom facility
Private security
Roaming Photographers


2015 Hollywood Carnival Concert Highlights – Nadia Batson, Lyrikal, Machel & More 6/27/15

Event featured performances by Machel Montano, Lead Pipe & Saddis, Lyrikal, Nadia Batson, Angela Hunte, Lova Boy & More. Coverage by Julian & Vivaa.


2015 Bermuda Carnival Highlights

2015 Bermuda Carnival Opening Night Highlights (Kes, Kerwin Du Bois, Lyrikal & More) 6/12/15

2015 Bermuda Heroes Weekend Free Kick Off Concert featuring performances by Lyrikal, Kerwin Du Bois, Kes The Band, Lead Pipe & Saddis, and many more. Free concert took place on Front Street

Music By:
Crown Prince & Barrie Hype | DJ Rusty | DJ Stephen & many more.

2015 Bermuda Jouvert Highlights – Bermuda Carnival Weekend 6/13/15

The 1st annual Bermuda Jouvert, Coverage & Edit by Julian @Julianspromos. The Jouvert standing party took place on Saturday morning June 13th 2015 at Ireland Rangers Field.

Music By:
Crown Prince & Barrie Hype | DJ Rusty | Back To Basics & Tony Cross | DJ Stephen & many more.

 2015 Bermuda Carnival Highlights – Bermuda Heroes Weekend 6/13/15

The 1st annual Bermuda Carnival, Coverage & Edit by Julian @Julianspromos. The Parade Of Bands took place on Saturday June 13th 2015 at the Morgan’s Point Property in Southampton.

Music By:
Crown Prince & Barrie Hype | DJ Rusty | Back To Basics & Tony Cross | DJ Stephen | DJ Spice & many more.

Guest Host: Ornella @Im_Olovely in costume by Passions Mas.

Carnival Info: