SNOCA 2022 | New Years Day | Baby Cham, Farmer Nappy, Nutron, Nailah Blackman & More



.::Snow & Soca::.


3pm – 10pm


It’s Usually Freezing in December, on Christmas Eve, Let’s Add Some Extra Heat & Flavour !!!

@Great Hall

This Christmas Eve Day Party Will Definitely Be an Experience with a Difference

Farmer Nappy

Nailah Blackman

Natty & Thunda 

Problem Child


Be prepared to jump start your holidays regardless of the weather because SNOCA will make everything better!


Come Out Let’s Wine to Soca, Smoke Hookah to Soca, Drink to Soca, Sing to Soca & Show Your Worst Behavior at SNOCA! 


Get those tickets NOW



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